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Honesty, integrity, and Quality Workmanship

Just Right guarantees a quality job every time. We strive to maintain the lowest prices teamed with the best quality and service anywhere in Colorado Springs. We show up when we say we will and finish the job on schedule. We are very respectful of your home or business and always take the proper precautions to ensure it is in the same shape when we leave as it was when we arrived. If you aren't happy with something we do, call me and I will fix it.

Just Right  
Heating & 

Heat pumps:

This highly efficient air
conditioner is capable of
heating your home  
whenever the  
temperature is above 35 
degrees. With this
system you still have a
gas furnace, but it is only
used as backup for when
the temperature drops 
below 35. In this climate,
that's a lot of days you 
will never use gas. The 
unit operates as an a/c in
the summer and 
reverses in the winter
using latent heat to heat
your home. Available in 
S.E.E.R. ratings from 13
to 19, there is no better
way to save natural gas 
and money!

Steam Humidifiers:

In this arid climate a humidifier is a necessity. There are many different types of humidifier, but none rival the effectiveness of a steam unit. Steam absorbs better and more quickly into the air than any other method. This helps to eliminate static electricity, helps with allergies and asthma. Humid air even feels warmer and often times allows you to set your thermostat a few degrees lower than normal.

What is S.E.E.R.?

This is an acronym standing for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Basically it can be thought of as a way to measure an air conditioner or heat pumps efficiency. It is comparable to miles per gallon. The higher the S.E.E.R. rating the more efficient and thus the cheaper to operate. Of course the hight the rating, the more expensive a unit costs as well. Units are currently available in ratings from 13 all the way up to 20 S.E.E.R..
Specializing in all aspects of residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, ventilation and indoor air quality


-New Construction
  Complete duct design and installation
  New furnace and A/C installations
  Gas lines
  Exhaust fans
   Programmable thermostats

-Existing Homes
  Furnace replacement
  Air conditioner replacement or add-on
  Heat pump replacement or add-on
  Complete indoor air quality installations:
        -Whole house humidifiers, including steam, bypass and fan            assisted
        -Air purification systems including, electronic air cleaners,              HEPA filters and UV lights
  Water Heater replacement
  Tankless water heater installation
  Unit heaters
  Ductless mini split systems
  Swamp Coolers
  Programmable thermostats  
  All service and maintenance


-New Construction
  Complete duct design and installation
  New furnaces and air conditioner installations
  Complete exhaust systems
  Mini split systems
  Air Purification systems
  Tenant finishes

-Existing Commercial Properties
  Rooftop replacement
  A/C add-ons and replacement
  Mini split add-ons
  Preventative maintenance
  Service contracts
  Complete service and repair

Just Right Heating & Cooling is fully licensed, insured and performs all work to meet codes set by Pikes Peak Rgional Building Department. Proper permits and inspections are always scheduled when required.
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